The Columbus Story

In the summer of 2011, creator Doug Probst shared an idea with Roger Rawlins and Bill Jordan - two of his fellow executives at DSW Inc. They were each accustomed to writing checks and sitting on non-profit boards but they yearned for a more personal and direct way to give back to the community. The simple idea was to create a team of like-minded and successful professionals to mentor high school students by leveraging the mutual appreciation for the life lessons learned through participation in athletic competition. The creation of a focused, annual program with a team-based approach would enable meaningful one-on-one coaching of high school students, without requiring an overwhelming demand of time.

After sharing stories of the negative impact of poor first impressions they laid a framework on which the program could grow and the Handshake Foundation was born. By February 9th, 2012 they were having their first coaching session with the first three students of The Handshake Program. In just a few years, the program has provided over $100,000 in scholarships and mentorships to dozens of students in central Ohio.. To accommodate the plans for future growth to other cities, the Handshake Foundation became Handshake America in August 2015. Consequently, the Columbus program of Handshake America will be known as Handshake-Columbus.

The Handshake Columbus Scholarship Program

The Handshake Scholarship Program consists of eight scheduled sessions between the students and their mentors over the course of the calendar year. In these sessions the students learn from their Handshake Coaches and special guests who provide different perspectives on what it takes to be successful.


Application Deadline for high school Juniors


An independent committee selects students to participate in the 2016 Handshake Scholarship Program


Annual Assembly - Recognition of the 2015 Students & introduction of the 2016 Students and Handshake Coaches


Each Handshake Coach meets with their student at the student's high school


Discussion with Beth Thomas, EVP at Sequent and Author of Powered By Happy plus team building event


Interview with previous Division I Big Ten Football Players, Travis Jackson and Ben Buchanan


Discussion with Hank Aaron, Retired American Major League Baseball Right Fielder


The Huddle – Including motivational speaker John Cassis, to raise funds and awareness


The Haunted Hike – A student awareness and fundraising event; open to all high school students


Discussion with Tim Timmons, Major League Baseball Umpire


Student Pizza Party


Annual Assembly - Recognition of the 2016 Students & introduction of the 2017 Students and Handshake Coaches

Handshake Columbus Coaches

Coach Doug Probst

Doug Probst
HA Creator & Co-Founder

Coach Roger Rawlins

Roger Rawlins
DSW & HA Co-Founder

Coach Bill Jordan

Bill Jordan
DSW & HA Co-Founder

Coach Susan Gallogly

Susan Gallogly
HC Executive Director

Coach Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown

Coach Leigh Burnside

Leigh Burnside

Coach Barry Esposito

Barry Esposito

Coach Jeff Girard

Jeff Girard

Coach Karen Heath-Wade

Karen Heath-Wade

Coach Joel Juday

Joel Juday
Abercrombie & Fitch

Coach Steve Karzmer

Steve Karzmer

Coach Michelle Krall

Michelle Krall

Coach Matt Kramer

Matt Kramer

Coach Terry Kramer

Terry Kramer
Lbrands - VS

Coach Ken Krebs

Ken Krebs
Rockbridge Capital

Coach Eric Lohbeck

Eric Lohbeck
Ernst & Young

Coach Cody Martin

K. Cody Martin
PNC Mortgage

Coach LaSatra Moore-Weems

LaSatra Moore-Weems

Coach Steven Morgan

Steven Morgan
Wyandot Snacks Inc.

Coach Dave Morlan

Dave Morlan
Alliance Data

Coach Larry Moss

Larry Moss
Nationwide Children's

Coach Jared Poff

Jared Poff

Coach David Probst

David Probst

Coach Ashleigh Quint

Ashleigh Quint
Uplift for You

Coach Ron Ransom

Ron Ransom

Coach Pete Risch

Pete Risch
Morgan Stanley

Coach Paul Schroeder

Paul Schroeder
Big Lots

Coach Paul Shreve

Paul Shreve

Coach Leslie Timmons

Leslie Timmons

Coach Deane Washington

Deane Washington

Coach Austin Weaver

Austin Weaver
Under Armour

Coach Adam Weingartner

Adam Weingartner
Bluestone Wealth Partners

Coach Larry Wendling

Larry Wendling

Coach Jennie Wilson

Jennie Wilson
MGF Sourcing

Coach Chris Wisecup

Chris Wisecup
Deloitte & Touche

Coach Michelle Wisecup

Michelle Wisecup
Riverside Dr Animal Care

How can you help?

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